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Linox is a brand that is also known as a pioneer in GCC region to have cracked the conventional and repetitive monotony with introduction and production of its unconventional smart modular display, branding and exhibition products since the year 2008. The brand slowly emerged from its humble beginnings back in 1999 as Linox Promoco LLC, a business unit that today produce’s and like before, supply’s a wide range of corporate give away products, promotional POS items and customized marketing premiums. It’s promotor’s obsession with innovation, progression and persistent research eventually, in 2008, brought Linox Creative into existence, which is well known in GCC region for its production of out-of-the-box and smart modular branding solutions.

Most of our products are made using eco-friendly material like textile/fabric media instead of plastics, water based printing inks without any solvents, etc. In order to share our due environment and social responsibility, since 2008 we have spent a lot of time and effort to promote these new generation of branding solutions to GCC markets also because they offered green eco-friendly sustainability in an industry that was previously bent on using old fashioned conventional display products, which obviously is not eco-friendly besides its inability to offer as much portability or modularity for products of mammoth proportions at times.
Continuous product development to better cater event, marketing and brand managers resulted in formation of two more divisions called Linox Inflatables and Linox Exhibits after years of tenacious investment of time and resources.

With in-house wide format print, cut, stitch and fabrication capabilities Linox today stands at a point where the users from events, marketing, exhibitions & branding segments of market in GCC & MENA can only expect and enjoy more innovation in the days to come. Spare a moment and Sign Up for our newsletter by clicking here and stay ahead of your competitors by being the first to learn about our forthcoming novel and unique branding solutions.

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Linox Creative Advertising L.L.C. is a leading manufacturer of fabric based unconventional smart modular display, branding and exhibition products
Products include but not limited to: Display Stands, Back Walls, Tents, Umbrellas, Flags, Banners, etc.
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Linox Exhibits is a division that produces modular & re-useable exhibition stands, exhibition displays and related accessories
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Linox Inflatables being the division offering a huge range of marketing & promotional inflatables Products include but not limited to: Air Dancers, Helium Balloons, Hanging Inflatables, Indoor & Outdoor Inflatables and many more
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Linox Promoco L.L.C. is a 16 years experienced supplier of corporate give aways, POS items, GWP (Gift with Purchase) and customized marketing premiums
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