Linox is a brand that is also known as a pioneer in GCC region to have cracked the conventional and repetitive monotony with introduction and production of its unconventional smart modular display, branding and Exhibits products since the year 2008. The brand slowly emerged from its humble beginnings back in 1999 as Linox Promoco LLC, a business unit that today produce’s and like before, supply’s a wide range of corporate give away products, promotional POS items and customized marketing premiums.

It’s promotor’s obsession with innovation, progression and persistent research eventually, in 2008, brought Linox Creative into existence, which is well known in GCC region for its production of out-of-the-box and smart modular branding solutions.

3x3 final


  • Modular & re-useable exhibition stands, exhibition displays and accessories
  • Exhibition stands that are re-configurable and can also be used later partially as separate displays at any occasion
  • Our standard 6x6 meter tubular exhibition stand fits around 5 trolley cases and sets-up in a short time comparatively
  • A new generation range that offers low handling, set-up, transport & storage costs compared to mammoth conventional exhibition stands
  • Re-usable printed fabric skins unlike printed plastic stickers/banners used with conventional exhibition stands
  • Negligible hardware refurbishment costs unlike conventional exhibition stands